No Risk Approach to Personal Development Work

So, we talk a lot about strengths on here and playing to your strengths, as well as developing them. One of the benefits of this kind of approach is that it’s a completely no risk approach to personal development work. If you identify your strengths and choose to work on improving one of more of them there should be virtually no possible down side to this. What’s the worst that can happen? Probably that you’ll stay as good as you currently are! The best that can happen is that you’ll make a new breakthrough by taking a strength to another level and finding out an even better method of performing.

Typically, people have a better quality of motivation when it comes to developing their strengths; there’s an active desire to find out what impact improving an existing strength may make. Contrast this with the quality of motivation that is experienced when you’re told that you need to work on something that you’re not currently good at. You might have a degree of motivation, but it won’t be as high quality as that which comes from within.

So have a think about developing your strengths and see how effectivley you can use that to exploit the no risk approach to personal development for yourself.