so, for April you can only be judged on one thing… your colleagues will shape their view of you based around this one thing… your managers and leaders will identify your value to the business based upon this same one thing… people outside of the business will make their judgements of you on just this one factor… and most importantly, you will draw all of your confidence from this one, critical element of performance.

So, what is that one element of pure focus that you will use to target your performance? What key variable do you want to focus 100% on? When all of your performance boils down to just one thing, how good can you make that quality? What can you do each day to become a little better at the crucial factor? Who can you get advice from that will help you raise your game? What questions will you ask of yourself and of your colleagues to make sure you’re constantly delivering the best possible performance?

Choose carefully and see what you can learn about yourself by making your performance a very pure focus.