6 questions to help you stay focused

To stay focused you need to understand and manage a few key things:

1. What are the key sources of information that you need to stay focused on in order to maximise the chances of success?

2. How long do you need to concentrate on them for on order to get the job done?

3. Are you able to concentrate for that long or do you need to break it down into several short sprints rather than go for an endurance approach?

4. What do you know distracts you from the things you want to concentrate on? Where does your attention go onto when you get distracted?

5. How can you stop the distractions being present?

6. How good are you at recognising when you’ve become distracted and how quickly can you regain your full attention?

Different people have different areas of focus that are most relevant to them and if you use the questions above you’ll quickly find whether you need to work on getting focused, staying focused or regaining your lost focus.

My challenge is that you fully immerse your attention on your next exercise… What’s yours?