Surprise doubles win

Jonathan Marray’s surprise doubles win at Wimbledon provides a great story. In a post match interview he said he could not quite believe he had won the title, adding: “When I see my friends and family and speak to them about it, over the course of a few days, a few weeks, I’m sure it will sink in a bit more.

“After having a good week in Nottingham a couple weeks ago, I really thought we could do well here. Obviously I didn’t think we could ever win it, but as the week went on we kept gaining confidence and coming through some tight matches.”

The quote neatly demonstrates the link between belief, confidence and goal achievement. For Marray there wasn’t an initial belief that they would win, though maybe a dream. The belief however was still the very helpful that “we could do well”. With wins, and the achievement of each mini goal, came confidence and ultimately a belief that they could win the final and hence the title.

From dreams to milestones to first steps. Marray’s surprise doubles win is a great story and a simple process…