In a competitive world talent is not enough

Lewis Hamilton has provided us with a beautifully simple example of talent not being enough in a competitive world. In his post Canadian Grand Prix victory he spoke about the difference between last year and this.

“I think I’m driving the same,” he said, “but last year, every year, I’m able to drive fast, but to remain in the right headspace and remain focused this year is not an issue.”

So, even though the ability is there, it’s not enough. Some simple, persistent attempts to remain in the right “headspace” are required and achieving this doesn’t just happen by chance. You have to work hard at thinking the right things, choosing the most helpful attitude and managing your emotions.

If you don’t work hard on this kind of stuff, someone equally talented, with a better control of their headspace will beat you. In a competitive world are you willing to give up competitive advantage just because it seems too esoteric to work on your headspace? If you are, make sure you get great at dealing with disappointment as one choice about managing your thinking inevitably means you’ve taken choice away elsewhere.