Thinking, preparing and performing like an elite level athlete

With Arsenal qualifying for an incredibly consistent 16th consecutive season of Champions league football next season, here’s their manager, now the longest serving in the Premier league, writing in September 2007 about how he thinks and prepares in order to perform:

“I am always excited by building a new team and building new success. My energy level never dwindles. I work hard to be extremely fit. I live like a football player. Maybe even better. I don’t go to discos at night. It is compulsory if you want to have a consistent level of motivation and performance. Every day you have to have the energy to respond to the problems you meet. The job is massive marathon and demands physical and mental strengths.”

Preparing yourself to be ready, for the challenges of the day, in a way that will maintain you at the top of your profession for 16 years, is not only a great achievement but a great lesson in professionalism, work and life.