Time to start afresh

Now that it’s clear that the world hasn’t ended, we should all be able to use our near miss inspired reinvigoration for life to build a better version of ourselves going forward. What better way of harnessing the renewed zest for life and being a good person generally than to look forward to a high performance version of yourself in 2013 and beyond.

We’d recommend the following:

  • Think about the best days of performance you’ve ever had and identify what you were thinking about before and during those days (there should be a pattern!). Don’t judge whether thoughts were good or bad, just identify them (many of us perform well even when negative thoughts predominate and it’s not wrong to think that way!)
  • Think about who you were working with and on what kind of tasks, and how that all helped you to have a great day.
  • Identify the strengths you used on those days that allowed you to thrive and be able to excel.
  • Once you’ve identified the strengths – have a think about how you can begin to strengthen these strengths in 2013 and challenge yourself to make more explicit use of them in your key performance challenges of the year. Strengthening Strengths and using them more mindfully is one of the most simple and powerful performance habits you can get into.
  • Work out how you can structure tasks to meet your ideal working pattern more often (working alone, with a group of trusted colleagues, having to build relationships quickly with people you don’t work with much).
  • Focus on becoming great at thinking the kind of stuff that puts you in the best mindset for you to deliver your best version of you.

If you want to talk through any of that, just give us a call in the New Year and we’ll be only too happy to help bring all that to life.

Here’s to the brave new world we’re all part of.