Elite Performance Thought Part 4

Many of the international performers we work with receive feedback dozens of times every day as a result of living primarily in a “practise” environment. This is of course world class practise, often under pressure, always under the scrutiny of a helpful eye or video camera and always focused on making the most of the opportunity to get better. Failure to take the development opportunity every day can result in a slip down the world rankings.

So, next time you have a training or practice opportunity, how can you ensure that you totally exploit the opportunity to get better, rather than simply have some time away from the day job? What will your approach be to ensure you don’t let the opportunity be missed?

Equally, during the course of every day, are you seeking out and utilising feedback to help you consistently get better at doing what you do. The more you own your own feedback and ensure you’re receiving adequate quality and quantity of feedback, the more your performance will inevitably improve.