Welcoming competition

So, Usain Bolt has set up a training centre in Kingston to bring on the next generation of sprinters and it seems there’s real method behind this initiative that he’ll benefit from too. Mr Bolt knows that by welcoming competition and surrounding himself with talented people who are keen to beat him, he’ll benefit and so too will they. He said “Some are here because of me, but they are targeting me and want to beat me, which is something that I welcome and I look forward to them coming here.” Here is a person who is absolutely confident in his talents, has a huge desire to improve and welcomes competition as he knows it will make him better.

If your response to competition and being pushed is not so positive, maybe it’s worthwhile working out your existing talents so that you can see how the competition around you will help you stretch your existing abilities and learn to add new elements too. Most folks take their talents for granted and don’t spend enough time working them out, let alone valuing them. No point having talents if you don’t appreciate them… if you don’t appreciate them, you won’t be able to add to them… and if you don’t add to them, you’ll just stay the same standard – competition or not. So, start welcoming competition into your arena, get the ball rolling and work out what your talent pool is comprised of.