What exactly do you mean by analyse?

We often like suggesting to some of our more analytical clients to think about how they would go about delivering a key performance if they could only retain in their memory 3 key bits of information that would be guaranteed to help them in the midst of their performance. This encourages people to use their analysis and intelligence in advance so that they can “process” less when it comes to delivering the performance. Of course, this is simply just a very focused way of getting people to prepare and create a very firm foundation to their performance in advance of it starting, but ultimately allows a greater level of confidence and control to be achieved.

An over reliance on analysis also means you’re not necessarily thinking about the right things when it’s coming to executing a performance that will deliver a result – simply allowing analysis to have it’s head means you might end up over complicating things, when some fundamental answers are screaming out the be given. There’s a time and a place for great analysis, so make sure you know when and when not to play that strength card.

So, if you weren’t able to be so clever at “analysing on your feet” in the thick of a performance, how would you make use of your extensive knowledge create a clearer set of performance guidelines prior to kick-off? What would you choose to focus on in? Which markers for the journey would you lay down in advance so that you could make sure you were on track? What information would you share with colleagues so that they could help you remember some of the key things that might be forgotten now that you have a less impressive brain?!

Going back to basics like this really makes sure that people don’t “wing-it” when it comes to performing, because they’re backing themselves to come up with the right analysis, because they have that skill. Preparing as if you’ll only be able to retain a few pieces of critical information does a huge amount to help focus and exploit talent proactively, rather than simply waiting for the talent to be given an opportunity to come out.