3W’s of wins, worries and wishes for simple communication

Something to share with you that we talk about regularly within K2, and that we sometimes suggest people we work with get into the habit of doing –

We often share within the team our weekly ‘wins,worries and wishes.’ Wins give us the chance to share stuff that we’re delighted with and want to learn from in order to make similarly lovely things happen – sharing this gives us the chance of systematically passing on success recipes.

Worries just gives us the chance to flag up anything that is concerning us and taking up valuable space in our heads and that we might need some help with… a worry is always a good opportunity to get a win somewhere down the line and it’s more likely to become a win if we share it and talk about it. (we’ve tried doing this through the power of mind reading and projecting our concerns to each other. But it doesn’t seem to work as well as talking out loud).

Wishes focuses our minds onto things that we know will be really good energy boosters if we can make them happen. The wishes are never unrealistic, but are things that we’d like to make happen in order to get ahead of the game and get a sense that we’re winning on some exciting elements of our roles.

It’s a simple recipe, but one that really helps us keep conversations balanced and performance focused. The 3W’s of wins, worries and wishes also helps us to keep connected, sharing and supporting/challenging/asking for support in equal measure.

Please let us know if you use the idea and what results it brings you.