Someone mentioned today that there is opportunity in chaos…

Seems like a sensible assertion. And there is opportunity for sure, providing your know what abilities you have to exploit that opportunity. It’s been said that “chance favours the prepared mind” and these two ideas sit nicely together. Opportunity and the prepared mind.

How prepared is your individual, team or corporate mind? Are you self-aware enough to be ready to exploit the opportunity in the chaos? If you don’t know yourselves, you’ll just know there’s an opportunity present. If you do know yourselves, then the opportunity can be exploited to the full.

While the chaos is going on around you, why not take some time out to ensure you’re 100% clear on how and why you’re going to be able to exploit the opportunity in chaos that is inherent?

Not sure what we mean? Then post a comment and let’s start talking about how to achieve this… it might mean you succeed and take the opportunities, where others simply sit and observe, knowing another opportunity has just passed them by!