I was out running today – well I say running, it’s more a form of shuffling along where at certain points both feet are off the ground so it qualifies as running from a technical perspective…anyway, it was feeling tough and then i met someone I know who was cycling along the same road and she stayed and chatted to me for ten minutes while I shuffled along. My pace picked up and I felt good. Then off she sped and I was on my own again. One hour later and a man i’ve never met came up beside me as he was running with his dog – it looked as though the dog might be running with him if you know what I mean, but that’s not the point. He chatted with me for a while and again i felt stronger and happier – and perhaps a bit faster.

In difficult times, it’s too easy to forget the power of the human spirit to lift – connecting with energy giving people is so important when times are tough – my lesson is to make sure I’m an energy giver for someone tomorrow