Adam Morris

Group Director

Believe Perform

The why

Adam has a passion for inspiring, educating and helping others. With experience within mental health, Adam loves helping people to overcome problems and develop positive mental health. He is focused on reducing the stigma attached to mental health and building online content that can be used to help build people’s resilience and coping skills.

The how

As a content creator Adam loves developing relatable content that can reach large audiences around the world. Adam is keen to keep up to date with modern technology and is fascinated in the different ways in which he can connect with people through various social media platforms.

Never stand still

Adam holds an undergraduate degree in psychology, a masters in sport psychology and is currently training to become a cognitive behavioral therapist. In 2012, Adam built BelievePerform a sport psychology website for coaches and athletes. Adam is driven by a need to help others and is always looking for new ways to deliver impact via online content