Duncan Woods

Human Performance Coach

South Africa

About Duncan

Duncan has been a student of the human performance game for almost his entire life. He aims to keep spreading light through his work and make sure as many people as possible around the world have access to expert human performance coaching.


From an early age growing up in Johannesburg Duncan has been involved in, and in close proximity to, several high performance environments, notably during his time as an international sportsman, captaining South Africa’s Men’s Water Polo team for over a decade. Over the last several years he has followed his natural affinity towards leadership and performance.


As well as his sporting achievements Duncan has also established a strong business career developing brands and teams towards better performance. He spent over 15 years in business heading up the marketing and sales teams for, among others, the World Golf Hall of Fame golfer, Ernie Els; the iconic sports magazine, Sports Illustrated; and top grocery retailers Spinneys and Waitrose in the UAE. Duncan is also experienced as a full time performance coach and practitioner with some highlights in working with international and Olympic level athletes as well as high performing business executives and teams from Europe, the US, the UK, Asia, Africa and Australia.

PlanetK2 Role

Duncan brings the leading expertise of PlanetK2 to South Africa with the belief that resources that help you perform at your best should be made available to everyone, especially in a market that provides so much interplay between serious challenges, but also raw opportunity.

Other Stuff

After having gained broader experience and perspective living and working in the Middle East and Europe, Duncan returns with his family to his native South Africa with big ambitions for spreading good with powerful human performance work.

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