Jane Grover

EA Founder and Group Finance

EA & Finance

About Jane

Jane joined PlanetK2 in 2011. It was a small team in those days so Jane was involved with all things admin to help everything run like clockwork. Since then, Jane has got more involved with the world of credit control as well as now being EA to our founder and also our Performance Director.


With nearly 40 years of experience working in a variety of difference corporate and non corporate settings, Jane has a wealth of experience in the world of work and beyond.


Jane loves to get things done. Her happy place is working with our customers to make sure we do things in a way that feels good, whether it’s scheduling a programme of work or sending invoices.

PlanetK2 Role

As one of the admin team, Jane has a touch point with all areas of the group and aims to deliver outstanding performance and maintain the spirit of PlanetK2 in all she does, however small.

Other Stuff

Mum to two now rather grown up boys and wife to another grown up boy! Jane’s love has to be being outside whether it’s on two wheels or her favourite pass-time, a holiday under canvas!

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