Julia Lambert

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The Why

Because Julia loves making people happy! Julia has a superb track record of sales experience but ultimately knows that looking after the customer is the best way of delivering value. Never happier than when she’s working out just how our knowledge can be used to bring value to new people that she’s meeting, Julia was destined to be our angel of customer delight!

The how

Julia is constantly asking great questions about how this might feel for the customer and keeps everyone focused on making sure that we live our “human” value in everything we do. Julia is superb at building rapport with people as well as quickly understanding the things that will make the biggest difference in the work we deliver.

Never stand still

Julia is constantly asking customers about their experience of working with us so that we can take the knowledge gained and use it to make us even better in the eyes of everyone we interact with. As a life-long Nottingham Forest supporter, Julia is often reminded of the need to constantly get better at what you do!