Julia Lambert

Group Director

About Julia

Julia thrives on making people happy! Julia has now taken a step back from her day-to-day role and has become a non-executive group director for PlanetK2.


After 16 years as the Angel of Customer Delight at PlanetK2, she has some really useful stuff to share and has now taken on the role of general consigliere – offering support and advice for the team as well as helping lead on our journey to become a truly anti-racist business.


Julia brings a wealth of experience around customer relationships which she openly and happily shares with the team. She has been with PlanetK2 since the very early days and continues to support the company and the team along their paths to growth and success.

PlanetK2 Role

Julia’s breadth of experience with customer relationships is a key resource for all of us at PlanetK2. She brings a keen insight into all things customer-centric and has taken a lead role in pursuing our anti-racism agenda. Julia’s intimate knowledge of the business also means she’s an amazing tutor for those who are new to the team.

Other Stuff

As a result of taking a step back from the day-to-day running of the business, Julia now has more time for her passions of travelling the world, sailing, cricket and supporting Nottingham Forest!

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