Keith Hatter


About Keith

Keith founded PlanetK2 in 2003 because he had a passionate belief that if people played work like the elite played sport, they’d deliver better, stronger and more consistent results, their organisations would flourish and they’d be happier.


After spending 20 years in the corporate arena firstly as a Chartered Surveyor in a Central London real estate consultancy before a rollercoaster ride as MD of the UK’s first national self-storage business, followed by 10 years as a Divisional MD in a FTSE 100 business, employing 25,000 people where he was fortunate to learn from some superb leaders and entrepreneurs.


Keith works with leaders in some of the world’s best known businesses and he speaks regularly at conferences and industry events. He’s written for and been quoted by the Financial Times and The Sunday Times amongst others.

He’s the co-author of “Perform”, was named by SAP as one of the top 50 human potential influencers in the world and by #Engagement 101 as one of the top 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencers & Experts.

PlanetK2 Role

As the founder of PlanetK2, Keith has led the company for the past 20 years. He directs the vision of the company and leads the team to make sure that we accomplish what we promise. Keith occasionally supports exec teams and is a fountain of knowledge, experience and wisdom which he regularly shares with everyone on PlanetK2.

Other Stuff

Outside of work, Keith’s a dad to 2 grown up boys, he’s a 9 x Ironman, has a dog called Eddie and is currently learning to play the guitar (that’s Keith, not Eddie!)

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