Kelly Brooks

Kelly is our Project Manager. Her role is to take care of the project so that the team can focus on what they need to do when they need to do it. She’s like the invisible conductor of the PlanetK2 group, co-ordinating all our instruments together so we can play in harmony and in time.

The Why

Having consistently performed and worked under intense pressure within an operational environment for over 10 years, and within an arena where results really do matter, Kelly was able to bring her tenacity and drive to get results. Each and every time.

Preparing herself with the robust skills and insights from her former industry, Kelly set upon a new challenge and decided it was time for a career change where she was able to gain the Prince2 Project Management accreditation – further playing to her meticulous planning and logistical strengths. Kelly thrives, whatever the conditions, and that’s also where we see her performing at her best.

The How

Kelly loves to be organised, she has a thing for making sure everyone is doing the right things at the right time. Kelly will work with our customers and our team and take care of the background noise to ensure the seamless delivery of programmes and projects.

Never Stand Still

Kelly brings passion, determination, and energy to her work because that’s how she’s made and because how she goes about getting things done is just as important to her as getting the right result.