Kerry Cullen

Group CEO

Kerry is our commercial lead. She has her eyes firmly on the running of the business, making sure everything happens as effectively and efficiently as possible for our customers and for our team! This is no small task but a critical one as we grow.

The why

Kerry’s varied corporate background means she’s got the skills and more importantly, mindset, to keep PlanetK2 running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Amongst the daily management of everything that needs to get done, Kerry is something of a silent commercial assassin, stealthily monitoring everything to make sure we’re making smart decisions and continue to grow in a strong and sustainable way. She absolutely loves finding pennies down the back of the sofa and makes sure we think about our customer resources in the same way!

The how

Kerry loves people (even all of us at PlanetK2, despite knowing us very well!) and thoroughly enjoys building relationships with our customers, performers and the core team. As a result of this, Kerry’s got a great view of what’s going on for our customers and us and uses this view to make sure everything stays joined up!

Never stand still

From leading on the commercial strategy for the business, to the implementation of new systems and processes, Kerry is always seeking to make us bigger and better at what we do.