Kerry Cullen

Group CEO

About Kerry

Kerry joined PlanetK2 in 2009 and quickly found ways to add value to the business. Since then, Kerry has led the admin team, been EA to our founder, our Commercial Lead and Finance Director. Keith has now handed the baton onto Kerry for the day to day running of the business and she’s our Group CEO.


With 30 years experience in a varied corporate background, Kerry has the skills and more importantly the mindset to keep PlanetK2 running smoothly. She’s also something of a commercial assassin making sure we are making smart decisions to help us grow in a strong and sustainable way.


Kerry has really high standards and is disciplined in getting stuff done. Her focus has customer experience at the heart of everything we do and she is unapologetic in wanting us to be better, stronger and more beautiful at every point.

PlanetK2 Role

As Group CEO Kerry leads the day to day running of the business and works across the group to deliver the impact that we promise to our customers. Kerry supports our future leaders as they grow and develop and helps us keep our particular ‘spirit and vibe’ thriving.

Other Stuff

Mum of two gorgeous humans, one of whom works here! Kerry loves yoga and her home. In another life she’d love to be a property developer and would love to build her own home…with some help!

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