Olly Deasy

Education and Strategy

Believe Perform

The Why

As a former international hockey player and having risen through the ranks of the education system to a senior leader position Olly has a wealth of leadership and management experience. He is passionate about human performance and is fascinated by team dynamics and culture. Olly has a curious mind and wants to continue to leave a positive legacy impacting education and people in a meaningful way.

The How

Olly works closely on the BelievePerform platform. He loves strategy, mapping out and providing clear direction for all those around him. He enjoys delivering and inspiring those in the education and business world, helping teams and individuals to perform to the highest level.

Never Stand Still

Olly continues to captain Reading Hockey Club and partakes in physical challenges to push himself to places that require mind to prevail over matter, the most recent venture is a double marathon in the Sahara Desert.  Away from this he likes to relax by taking long walks with his two dogs as well as surrounding himself by interesting people.  He believes that everyone has a story and loves to chat over coffees to listen to how amazing people are.