Sam Miah

The why

With a background in behavioural economics, Sam loves a cheeky analysis to highlight all those things that can’t be so easily labelled and measured. It’s about doing the things you need to do to get the result you want. Sam loves to see people get better at their job and wants to make sure as many people on the planet can benefit from our human performance expertise.

The how

Sam wants to understand what matters to our customers and their bottom line and then figure out how human performance can make a difference to both. He’s a bit of a social butterfly, without people and differing viewpoints his world would be dull and boring and he’d be a sad Sam.

Never stand still

Every day is a school day. Sam loves to learn new things and from the experience of others, he gets a little bit excited at the opportunity to be a little bit more efficient! If he’s not trying to hit a golf ball in a straight line, you might find him learning the guitar or trying, badly, to fix his car. It really is about continuous improvement; if you don’t believe him just ask him to play a round of golf. Things can only get better!