Shameema Yousuf

The why

Better known as Shams, Shameema is a transnational U.K. practitioner psychologist, and mental health therapist working at the intersection of performance, mental health and culture. Her career spans three decades with 16 years in financial service and more than 10 years experience working in Olympic, professional, NCAA and youth sport, mental health non-profit organisations, and corporate institutitions.

The how

She is currently consultant with English football Premier League, is lead sport psychologist for U.K. Motorsport and works closely with corporate executives to support performance and leadership change.

Shams is a published scholar and author on culture and diversity in sport, and is co-editor of an upcoming academic book on culture of women of African descent. She is a guest lecturer/speaker on cultural diversity in high performance environments for several universities cross Atlantic and a conference keynote speaker. She is a scholarly reviewer for Women Sport International that informs IOC position stands, and starts her term as an Executive Board leader for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, USA this year.

Never stand still

In 2020 Shameema was credited on the International Muslim Women in Sport Powerlist for her contributions to sport. All this speaks to her passion for having impact for a more equitable society where belonging for all is central to performance wellbeing conversations.