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“We have been working with PlanetK2 for 4 years now and are seeing greater benefits each year. We primarily work with them at the Senior Management level, where they support us to build high performing teams whilst helping us truly understand and embrace our playing conditions as a business. As a result we have more awareness of how to work better together, how to be better leaders and how to increase output in our business.”
Mandeep Dhatt
HR Director | Mclaren
“As an executive team, we’re functioning as a team not a group any more – one where there is real excitement and energy about our shared responsibility in driving and leading the performance culture.”
Elite Team Programme Feedback
Elite Team Delegate | NFU Mutual
“From an already high performing base, we’ve refined our recipe and are still growing in confidence, which is clearly played out in our performance and results.”
Phil Benton
Sales Director Adidas Group UK and Ireland | Adidas
“Our conservative estimation is that our talent programme has saved us about £95k in recruitment fees.”
Liz Stokes
Associate HR Director | The Clancy Group
“PlanetK2 gave me a clear understanding of how effective it was to focus on performance over results only and what to prioritise to be successful in my leadership role.”
Lisa Montague
CEO | Loewe
“What PlanetK2 did really well, was lift the relevant aspects from sports, but added a whole new layer that made the session very relevant to a business context.”
Bizhan Govindji
Senior Digital Strategist | Ogilvy UK
“Rebecca has been a fantastic coach over the past 9 months, allowing me the time and space to focus on a range of topics that span both my professional and personal life. She builds trust and rapport exceptionally well, meaning I was instantly at ease and able to be open right from the get go.”
Jenny Blogg
Retail Director | Camelot
“As we look to continually get better as a team, The Performance Room is a great resource for us.”
Ashley Winnet
Executive Director Human Resources | GM Holden
“PlanetK2 were very good at challenging us, and not afraid to ask really tough questions. We learnt if you have the right performance input, the results will look after themselves.”
Chris Voller
Claims Director | AXA
“Working with PlanetK2 helped me empower my team and focus on the more senior aspects of my role. They made me realise my own potential and that the power of it was in my hands.”
Jo Gregory
Business Director | Havas
“My entire life has changed. I’m working far fewer hours and getting far better results. I never thought that was possible. I can explain simply, clearly, factually the specific things that people who deliver good results are doing in their performance and able to help more people across my team perform better as a result.”
VM Leap Programme Feedback
Leap Programme Delegate | Virgin Media
“Mark has made an impact across Bottomline’s Financial Messaging, by helping to shape purpose, focus and behaviour. Mark did an exemplary job in steering a highly talented and hugely successful team, with strong personalities, to achieve a great output.”
Andy Turner
Head of Market Development | Bottomline