The feedback experiment

We’d like to invite you all to take part in a feedback experiment – and of course let us know any results you might experience.

We talk a lot about the importance of feedback and the fact that elite performers crave feedback and seek it out, rather than waiting for it to “happen” to them once or twice per year in during a performance review. So, instead of perpetuating a less than useful attitude towards feedback we’d like you to see what happens when you do the following:

1. Identify something that you’re working on and attempting to improve/change/refine (this might be making a strength stronger, rather than just developing a weakness).
2. Start working on that thing very deliberately.
3. Make some notes around feedback to yourself about what you’ve noticed as a result of your efforts.
4. After you’ve been working on it for a while, find a colleague who you would like to hear from and tell them that you’ve been working on the thing you’ve been working on and whether they have any feedback specifically about that bit of your performance – don’t just spring it on them, give them time to think and reflect and then give them chance to pass any feedback to you that they believe to be useful (you might have to remind them that feedback is simply that and should not be heard as “can you point out to me things that need improving”!)
5. Listen to the feedback they provide you with and compare it to your own thoughts.
6. Decide what you want to do with the feedback.

We’d be interested to see if you find this feedback experiment valuable and more helpful than simply asking “can you give me some feedback on how I’ve been performing recently?”

Looking forward to seeing your results!