Recalibrate your risks?

Risks you can afford to take – Risks you can not afford to take – Risks you can afford not to take – Risks you can not afford not to take…

Four different kinds of risks… and do those risks look very different in the current climate? Risks that you could previously afford not to take might now need taking… Risks that you’d previously not think twice about taking – where do they fit into your current plans and performance? Facing new challenges do you need to revisit and recalibrate your risks?

Just like all elite performers, keep checking the fundamentals that underpin your performance, constantly update your understanding of the environment that you’re performing in and check that you’ve got the most up to date and relevant tactics going. Your risk profile is an essential part of this and you’ll have got into very strong risk taking habits in recent times when the environment has remained constant – in challenging, novel conditions, you can’t rely on habits, you have to consciously and explicitly control the performance you’re delivering and cash in on all of your past experiences. The main risk you mustn’t take right now is too let your habitual thinking control everything uncensored – consciously competent risk taking is the order of the day!