High Performance Attitudes – Giggs and Wilkinson

Two consistently great performers, at the top of their games for remarkably long periods of time, Jonny Wilkinson and Ryan Giggs have announced their retirement on the same day.

For us it’s their attitude that has led to their persistent behaviour that’s resulted in their longevity. More from us to follow in a K2 Thought Piece but for now we’d like to highlight three core attitudes epitomised by these two.

  1. A view that their natural talent is just a starting place. A view that has resulted in ceaseless hard work and perseverance.
  2. A desire to improve that has led them to practice both the basics and new skills to stay great and get better. There’s a commitment to dissatisfaction that has driven their work ethic.
  3. An willingness to adapt, change and re-invent themselves tactically to make the most of their changing capabilities and those around them

We’d invite you to mull over these and test how well your performance attitude stacks up against these two, and whether they’re reflected in your day to day behaviour.

You might not have the exacting eye of the sporting media being run over your every performance moment, but that level of scrutiny is something that you can work hard on applying to yourself so that you can find out just how good you can be with your changing challenges and abilities.