High Performance Leadership

You might be interested to read Lawrence Dallaglio’s recent words in a great article in the Times.

This paragraph jumped out for me as being majorly relevant to the current challenges…

“We had great players in specialist areas and leadership was clearly an integral part of our success in 2003. We had Johnson, Vickery, Hill, Back, Greenwood and Dawson — leaders and personalities all over the pitch. This is an area in which I think England have had, and continue to have, concerns.”

In pressurised times, to have a number of key personnel who see themselves as leaders from their position within a team, you have a far greater chance of success. Every one of them leading by making sure their performance sets standards. Every one of them urging more from someone around them. Everyone of them being focused on delivering, for the team. Great leaders don’t lead for themselves, they lead for the greater good of the collective effort. What a great set of attributes to have at this point in time – how many leaders are stepping up for your team, from their position of influence?