In a simple choice…

In my last post I reflected on the change in context of my role and identity at work and how this impacted on my performance and emotions.

I took a decision there and then to look at my situation differently and to choose to feel something else more useful.

Of course, it is never really as simple as choosing is it? Along with the decision to choose comes the action one has to take to reinforce and affirm the choice. Otherwise it is nothing more than a thought (a field will remain unploughed if you keep turning it over in your head).

So for the past week or so I have been doing just that. Catching myself when I am feeling anything other than what is most helpful and changing the thought pattern; taking time out at the end of the day to either review my personal success (either by myself, or verbally with my partner) and making note of the differences in my emotional and mental state from day to day.

And guess what?

Well, I certainly feel different. I have experienced a sense of walking taller, of feeling prouder and of being a little more self assured inside. “Miraculously” I have also found it easier to carve my groove and get my niche at work…people have started to seek me out once more and involve me in projects and work that they hadn’t seen necessary or important before.

Now isn’t that strange? Can it be all related to my simple choice?

Of course the clever wotsits at K2 would tell me its all about what I put out there; that it is all about putting myself at the cause rather than than being the effect in my life.

And you know what? I think they might have a point!