Valuing the difference you make to People?

I love the piece on Mental Toughness but mostly the thought about choosing to see your confidence as valuing the difference you can make to people. I have never chosen to think about my confidence in this way, I think I’ve always chosen to shy away from the view of being seen as confident and resilient and preferring to just think of having a ‘Positive’ ‘Can do’ attitude. But it is so much more than that when I reflect on when I feel most motivated and performing at my best it’s when I am adding value for my team. It’s when I know my performance has made a real difference for a particular individual or team. Recognising and appreciating your own attributes in this way, I think I’ve always worried could be seen by some as over confidence or even arrogance. Now I just think I’ve been letting myself and others down by not choosing to see my value in this way. I may have been adding value quite unconsciously but now how much better am I going to be!