Why bother?

Viktor Frankl (author of the great book, Man’s Search for Meaning) observed that “where there is a why, you can endure almost any how”… deep words… but very true.

So, have a look around you. We’re in pretty tough times, and the people who have a “why”, either a personal why, team why or organisational why, that actually means something, are more likely to be able to endure any current challenges. When times are good, the “whys” really make a difference too in terms of fulfilling potential. However, the “whys” right now really need to be present. Do you see the right kind of people?

Who’s seeing beyond the current doom and gloom? Who’s seeing only the doom and gloom?

Who’s going to be making sure that you manage the current climate more effectively than everybody else in your sector by doing ‘almost any how’? And who’s giving in and just waiting for the inevitable failure, because they have no clear why that actually means anything to them?

Character and attitude are going to be crucial for the next few months. As has been oft observed, attitudes are contagious. Make sure that the negative attitudes, let loose with no “why” to guide them don’t become the contagious ones in your world. Be brave on leading with attitude and strong character traits and see who else is going to help deliver an important “why”.