Total Performance

We talk a lot about pies on planet K2… Performance Pies. We know that if you’re serious about performing, then you always ensure that every section of your Performance Pie is delivering you maximum value.

Typically, people focus a lot on the Technical and Tactical elements of the work (just check out a typical c.v.), but spend less time focused on the difference that physical, mental, emotional and contextual can make to delivering consistently high performance.

We’ll focus on some of these key areas over the next few weeks to show you how you can get more out of your Performance Pie during challenging times.

If you don’t look to get a complete pie working for you, we reckon you’re actually choosing to under perform, by not paying attention to factors that are critical influences in the final analysis. Right now, you probably need all the resource you can get your hands on and there’s loads of resource within that pie that probably hasn’t been systematically exploited for some time.