Performance Intelligence…

So, how Performance Intelligent are you?

We’ve got a simple formula that you can begin to think through that will help you begin to work out what your PI score is.

There’s four questions to ask yourself:

How well do I know the world that I have to perform in?
How well do I know my own performance ingredients that are unique to me?
How well do I turn knowledge about my world into effective strategy to deliver?
How consistently do I deliver a performance that exploits all of my unique ingredients?

Have a think about those things and see if you are 100% confident in your answers to the questions. If you’re left with an uneasy feeling about the honest appraisal of the questions, then there’s probably some pretty simple solutions for helping decrease your concern over the area in question.

We’re pretty sure that people who can answer all of the questions with 100% conviction and confidence are very Performance Intelligent. The more Performance Intelligent you are, the greater control you have over delivering results with certainty. Now, wouldn’t that be a nice feeling to have – knowing you’re going to deliver!