Talking to yourself

I don’t know about anyone else but I really have to dig deep at the moment to keep everything going and that includes me. I am reminding myself of the importance of looking after me so I can look after the team. I was starting to spiral into that place I can go where I excuse neglecting me by telling myself that I am doing it for the team, the team need me, I need to be there to support the team. Blah Blah Blah.

I caught myself telling my Mother with great passion the other day why I was cancelling my days off for the second time and took great pleasure (for about 2 minutes) in telling her how she didn’t understand my complicated world and cancelling your holidays is just something you have to do! Total Rubbish of course!

What I am reminding myself, with some very stern self talk, is that if I am not 100% and not rested and taking time for me that I am in fact letting the team down. Its simple stuff I know but just talking to myself again is keeping me sane.