Introducing our newest PlanetK2 coach

high performance consultancy

We are very proud and excited to share the news that we have a new associate, Sanani Mangisa, joining the team in our South African business unit.

Sanani is a formidable performer having honed her skills in high performance environments on and off the sports field. A rising star in the business space with some established international brands, she also brings real performance experience from her 112 international caps with the South African Women’s Hockey team which adds practical and applied context to our line of work.

“As a former international athlete I understand the importance of optimizing performance in different environments and the PlanetK2 team have a long track record of helping businesses bring high performance to life. I’m really looking forward to working with the PlanetK2 team” she commented.

As an associate, she will be sharing her expertise to help grow the footprint of our core programmes, including our signature “athlete@work” programme, in a variety of South Africa’s business sectors. Sanani will also assist in spreading the word of how our sports psychology and mental health platform, can advance mental health support in schools, academies and sporting federations.

“We have been wanting to collaborate with Sanani for some time and are thrilled to be able to work with her. She is a remarkable woman and we are privileged to be able to call on her skills and experience in an associate capacity” remarked Duncan Woods who is leading PlanetK2’s expansion into the market.

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