Keep asking ‘why?’

Well, those of you who know us will be fully aware that we regularly ask people and teams to be very clear about their WHY, from a purpose perspective. Without a why, it’s always pretty difficult to get the best possible performance – now performing at the level that comes without having a clear why may be sufficient for you, so don’t be compelled to read this article by Dan Pink which very clearly shows the potential impact on performance when we keep asking ‘why?’ It can be referred to regularly.

Of course, if you’d like to find out a bit more about the power of why for fulfilling potential and talent, then let us know and we’ll happily talk passionately about it for a long time… why? Because when we keep asking why it’s to help the corporate world think, prepare and perform like elite athletes and you asking us such a question would be another great opportunity to help get closer to achieving that purpose.