Keeping your head…

…while all others around you are doing a good impression of something without a head, requires a lot of mental toughness.

Like anything that’s difficult, the more you prepare for the challenge, the more of a fighting chance of success you have when the key moments actually arrive. So, given that the playing field has changed somewhat at the moment, the need for top quality preparation becomes ever more important. We’ve learned a lot from helping people prepare for key sporting moments… and we think what we’ve learned translates pretty well.

We could write a lot on mental toughness and mental preparation, but that’s probably for another day. So, instead of that, have a look at our thoughts on how to use 3 cornerstones of performance (control, confidence and connectedness) to help you have the best chance of delivering a great performance, even when the world around you is making it very tough to do so. It works for people at the Olympic Games… so can it work for you?

Once you’ve read it, tell us what you think! Go on, we’d love to know that you think.