Getting High Performance Experts to Collaborate

We’ve got a lot to say about high performance and we love communicating it to people in all sorts of ways… so apologies from us for not behaving like it on this blog recently.

Just before we get into writing something thought provoking, have a look at this recent post from Gordon Farquhar on the BBC Sport website. Getting high performance experts collaborating is a great way of making breakthroughs and finding out some of the simple things that you can focus on to solve performance challenges and help bring things more under your control.

What do you think McLaren would help you focus on or measure that would get you much more focused on inputs rather than just outputs? How would someone from a different world help you look at your ways of working differently and who should you be talking to over the next weeks to bring some innovation to your world?

If you’d like to let us know about you and your performance challenges, then maybe we can put you in touch with some of the high performers we know in the corporate and sporting worlds who might be able to shed new light on things for you…