The World Rankings of Psychology

If you had world rankings in your world of work or sport… and those world rankings were judged using only psychological qualities, what would the judging panel have on their list of qualities? More importantly, where would you feature on the world rankings? Would you get sufficiently high scores on the psychological qualities to have you racing up to top spot on the rankings list?

It’s very much worth working out the answers to these questions, as for the most part we see high performance at the very top level influenced much more by who has the most effective mindset, because by the time you get to the top most of the good performers possess the same technical and tactical knowledge and abilities.

So, your ranking list might be judged on some of the following…

Robust Confidence

Ability to focus under pressure

Agility of thinking and ability to cope with the unexpected

The ability to stay in the moment and manage distractions

The ability to see every challenge as positive and welcomed

The ability to choose your mood, regardless of who you’re working with

See what you’d add and start getting a feel for how well and how consistently you deliver on the key mental skills that make a significant difference in your world.