Performance Coaching

If you want High Performance Coaching with us, we need you to be ready to work hard and stick with it, even when it feels hard and uncomfortable.

Coaching truths

You’d be hard pushed to find any top athletes, or performers in any of the performing arts, who don’t have a coach, or equivalent, to help them perform and improve. It’s just accepted that in order to be constantly ‘fit for purpose’, the help of a coach or group of coaches is essential.

Stealth coaching doesn’t work. For high impact coaching to work, there needs to be clear coaching goals and both coach and performer need to be fully committed to playing their role in the collaboration required for performance improvement. That doesn’t happen by stealth, because people can’t possibly train if they don’t know that they’re in the middle of a training session.

Our Tinder profile

If you’re looking for performance coaching and you’re thinking of working with us, then you need to know:

  1. Our bias is that coaching is used to help fulfil talent – it’s not something you use to assist someone who’s underperforming as you attempt to turn their performance around
  2. Performers and coaches work in collaboration to enhance performance, so coaching is not imposed on someone, whether they like it or not
  3. The relationship of coach and performer is one of equals with different and complementary skills and perspectives. In Performance Coaching relationships it isn’t simply assumed the coach has responsibility for everything from planning direction to designing training. Both Performer and Coach are expected to contribute equally to the pursuit of improvement
  4. Performance Coaching is a skill – there’s science and art and it takes a lot of hard work and practice
  5. In high performance arenas, Performer and Coach are both always ready to work openly and frequently to keep the right improvements taking place

Remember, coaches can’t coach someone who doesn’t want to be coached. And you can’t, as a performer, expect coaching to have an impact without putting in the required time, energy and effort to make change stick.

In that way, it’s a bit like a marriage. In most other ways, it’s really not.

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