Claim for personal excellence

What legitimate claims can you make that show the reality of your performance in recent weeks? Rather than a lot of spurious, dubious, dodgy, unpalletable, unacceptable and dodgy claims, we thought it might be worthwhile getting you to think about claims that should have been made, but haven’t (as opposed to claims that shouldn’t have been made, but have!) 

So, what have you achieved recently that you haven’t really made the most of because you’ve just moved on to the next thing? Have you staked your claim for personal excellence as a result of knowing why and how you were able to achieve that success? Given that circumstances are challenging, have you realised just what you’ve managed to achieve and taken the time to put in a claim for the talent that you’ve used to make this success happen? If you can make it happen when times are challenging, just think how useful that talent is going to be when things become more favourable again!

Look back a bit further in your career and make sure you’ve claimed for all of your success and allowed yourself to get the benefit from realising the bits of your talent that led to the successes. If you don’t claim for something, there’s no way you can make reinvest the amount or object reclaimed. Working with a lot of individuals, we know a lot of the successes, and their part in them, go unclaimed, so they don’t benefit from these qualities time and time again.

So, go on, do yourself a favour and get in on the claims for personal excellence so that you too can cash in for the future, just like the greedy MP’s have been doing for all this time!