How to use video analysis to reflect on your performance

The athletes we work with often have the benefit of video analysis of their training sessions, taken for them by their coach. Having delivered a training session, the coach and athlete will sit down and analyse the “performance”, sometimes frame by frame to determine how effectivley fundamentals have been delivered and how well goals for the session have been achieved. The discipline of this evaluation takes place several times each week and allows the athlete to do a few of things:

  1. Confirm whether their internal experience of the performance matches the external reality.
  2. Calibrate whether they and their coach are juding things in the same manner.
  3. Receive feedback against pre-determined criteria.

This is a priceless interaction on how to use video analysis for optimising learning i.e. helping to produce a permanent change in behaviour.

So, do you have an equivalent of video analysis within your weekly performance? Do you consistently check that your perception of your performance matches the external reality? Do you check whether you are delivering a quality of performance that matches with the views of your peers/leaders? And do you actively and regularly seek feedback around very specific, pre-determined criteria?

We think that for most people there is room for exploiting one or more of those concepts. Have a think about how you can bring your equivalent of video analysis to life to help enhance your performance.