PlanetK2 and Moment Company Partnership

PlanetK2, the world’s most accessible source of human performance expertise and Moment Company, creators of the products and experiences that support employee wellbeing, have today announced a partnership aimed at making moments of pause a consistent feature of high performance for people in the workplace who are serious about seeing how good they can be.

As part of the partnership with Moment, PlanetK2 will be incorporating the ground-breaking mindfulness tool; the Moment Pebble, into its work with existing and new customers to help them thrive in conditions that have changed significantly over the last few months as a result of the pandemic.

Those changes include a loss of the natural “punctuation” in everyday work where travel, informal and structured breaks have often disappeared from view, to be replaced by what feels like an endless stream of activity without a traditional finish line in sight.

As things hopefully open up, there will be new challenges for leaders, especially those who want to recognise and honour the difficulties of the last few months and to use that experience to create the new, rather than simply get back to normal.

Keith Hatter, Group CEO of PlanetK2 said:

“I’m delighted to announce the partnership today. Moment Company have a wellbeing support program anchored in mindfulness that promotes retention, improves productivity, and increases team communication. I’m using the pebble regularly and it’s giving me moments of stillness in a world of work that seems to have precious few of those. There are so many things that I love about it and for us, the vital factor is the research and science that underpins how it works. I know it will bring tangible performance benefits to anyone who uses it.“

Fi McKinnon, CEO of Moment Co said:

“As leaders in human performance, PlanetK2 are the perfect partner for us. More than ever our business world is increasingly becoming a non-stop always-on world with little natural room to breathe and we’re delighted to be supporting PlanetK2’s drive to improve performance through (amongst many other brilliant ways) a focus on mental and physical well-being for the individual.”

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