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As a team of very different people from very different backgrounds; sporting, corporate, academic, education, we do have one thing in common – a passion for transforming human performance with high performance leadership.

We’re inspired daily by the difference it makes in us and
our customers.

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Our values

Another thing we all have in common – the values we live and work by.

Be true

We are what we are. Just as importantly, we’re not what we’re not; so we don’t try to be that. Ever.

We do what we can to stay true to our customers, our beliefs, our dreams and each other. We believe in what we have to say and it seems that our customers do too. Best to stay true to all that good stuff.

Be passionate

Apparently, we all only ever get one chance to live our lives (although how anyone’s been able to prove that is beyond us).

So, it sort of makes sense to have a good stab at making as much of that one time as possible. If our passion for what we do helps inspire others to do the same (and it seems to), then that’s a happy day for us all that makes us feel even better about ourselves.

Be brave

Someone once told us to do something that challenges us every day. So we do.

By doing so, we’ve found that we never run the risk of standing still, or getting bored or of having our lives ruled by convention and rules laid down by others. We make our own rules up. We’re not saying that they’re definitive they’re just right for us and our clients. And, you know what, that’s good enough for us.

Be curious

Natural human curiosity is a powerful thing. It encourages us to dig deeper, fuelling that precious sense of discovery.

Challenge yourself, your colleagues, customers and convention. Question everything. Ask yourself, ‘Can I do better?’ If you can, work with us and then together, we’ll make sure you go and be better. Trust us – you’ll find that curiosity will take you on much more interesting journeys.

Be simple

The world’s a complicated place. So, ask yourself, ‘what benefit is there in me making it any more complex?’ We keep things simple because, well, we are.

Whenever anyone uses a long word in the office, they’re asked to stand in the naughty corner until they find a simpler way of explaining themselves. We’ve always believed in our ability to help people do what they can do, but don’t. See. Simple.

Be human

We’re in this together.

Rather than ever allow ourselves to get immersed in our senses of self importance (that wouldn’t take long), we work hard to never lose sight of the fact that we’re just a likeminded group of people, all intent on helping people (ourselves included) perform to the best of their abilities. We’re comfortable in our own skin, knowing who we are, and importantly, what we’re not. By working with us, we’re sure you’ll feel the same way.

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