Click on the lovely picture of the fire ants to watch a video of how they have adapted to deal with their home being flooded.

No, this isn’t simply an ant team building challenge in the Amazon!

These ants understand what team primacy is. Forming a raft from just their linked together bodies they float as a colony until the sight higher ground. In sight of the new ground the ants start to make a pontoon, again simply by reforming their shape. As soon as they hit the higher ground, the whole colony, complete with queen and larvae make their way off the water, leaving the dead base of the raft behind them. Proper commitment to the team cause!

Now, we’re not suggesting you die for your team, but when the environment changes around you and you have to adapt, it’s absolutely critical that you focus on how you need to reposition yourself in order to adapt to the new world. This means that some people can’t complete the journey and also means that others have to take on new roles and new skills to make the transition from where you are to where you need to be. The constant requirement is to keep communicating and ensure that everyone knows the role they need to be playing for the team right now. Looking far into the future becomes irrelevant and ensuring absolutely clarity over short term success becomes essential.

How well are you adapting to your new world?