Rebecca Weissbort

Head Human Performance Coach


The why

Because Rebecca is never happier than when she’s supporting people to be the best version of themselves. With over 20 years as a coach and her own experience of performing in lots of different environments (music, dance, media, education and many more) the role of a performance coach marries her passions in a truly wonderful way!

You just need to spend a short amount of time with Rebecca to understand why, as her energy and commitment for bringing all of her experience to make a performance impact for you will be clear from minute one.

The how

Rebecca brings that passion to individuals and teams with skill, a wealth of insight and a healthy dose of expertise, providing performance development and impact for everyone she works with.

She is a great listener, identifying performance challenges and helping individuals and teams to move into action, enabling them to exceed their own expectations. Leaders value her ability to bring human performance excellence into a strategic actionable approach. As a speaker, Rebecca is adept at bringing complex ideas to life in an entertaining and inspiring way.

Rebecca’s specialisation in health, wellbeing and behaviour change is an invaluable tool in the human performance kitbag.

Never stand still

Rebecca is a yoga teacher, enthusiastic gym bunny and loves to travel. She also holds a post grad in Exercise and Health Behaviour, is a qualified HNLP coach and holds a CBT coaching qualification.

Her background as a leader, innovator and educator within the fitness industry – including being a judge for the prestigious fitness industry awards for many years – she knows what it takes to perform as an outstanding individual or organisation in a competitive field.

She has also been a professional musician, karate competitor, an educator, published author, conference speaker, trainer, coach and consultant – Rebecca knows what it takes to perform at a high level and brings this unique wealth of experience and expertise to her work.