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What is Culture Change and should I embrace it?

The first thing to think about up front is that things, people and culture are always changing. It’s not something we should necessarily be thinking of as something new, scary or otherwise requiring of more effort and energy than you’ve already been applying - day in, day out. Culture change…
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Fairy dust is not enough

There are few better ways to spend time than listening to extraordinary people in conversation and if you haven’t watched it yet, Pretend it’s a City is wonderful. It’s basically Martin Scorcese chatting with Fran Leibowitz and it’s a beautiful, funny, enlightening and thought-provoking series of conversations. In one episode,…
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It’s not sports day, not everyone wins.

Excellence is not normal. For excellence to exist, good, O.K., average and poor need to exist too. High performance work culture demands excellence. Stunning revelation no.1 Whether you do something or nothing, you are creating a culture. As the people at Zappos put it, your culture defines the environment in…
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Caster and the absurdity of putting people in boxes

A leader I work with recently told me a story about a conversation that took place while he was doing his MBA. The lecturer asked the students to come up with a creative question involving cardboard boxes (yes, I know). One particular student said he had one. “Go on” said…
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Brand introduction – PlanetK2

I was listening to an interview with Jeff Bridges the other day and he said “cynics are usually crushed romantics”. I think that’s gorgeous and I like the idea. It suggests hope and a way forward. Because if there’s one thing that we know from all our work at PlanetK2…
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Collaboration culture helps bring transparency to advertising

Bountiful Cow co-founder Henry Daglish shares the journey of founding a fully-transparent challenger media agency. Learn about what they're working on with us at PlanetK2 to ensure everyone at Bountiful Cow are performing at their optimum and the impact its having. The beginning From the moment we set up Bountiful…
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