Performance & Motivation Masterclass

A one day, transformational Performance & Motivation Masterclass being led by PlanetK2 Performance Director Chris Shambrook.

About this Event

  • Hear about what make Olympians and other world class performers so good at what they do
  • Learn how they control their emotions and mindset, manage their energy, prepare for success and exploit all of their talent
  • Supported by our coaching team, we’ll help you apply these principles to your world – at work, home and play
  • Learn how to be in control of your performance and motivation and ready to start fulfilling your potential.

Who is it for?

  • rising stars
  • performers who are struggling and under pressure
  • performers who need to be exposed to PlanetK2 philosophy about what great performance is.

What will participants do?

Each performer will learn about and internalise:

  • what it takes to achieve world class performance
  • how to apply these performance principles in their performance arena
  • what is world class motivation
  • how to apply this understanding of motivation to nurture a high quality of motivation in themselves and others.

They’ll also develop:

  • their own performance improvement plan
  • a plan for nurturing sustained high quality motivation in themselves and in others.

What will participants get?

  • access to 3 decades of research into elite human performance
  • a tried and tested system for understanding and improving performance
  • a scientific understanding of motivation
  • practical skills for systematically developing motivation in themselves and others
  • inspiration to take action to nurture their own talent
  • Pro level access to The Performance Room for 3 months – our superb on line resource of expertise, tools and materials.