Who’s feeding you?

Since Christmas I’ve now met 5 people who are, metaphorically speaking, shooting themselves in the foot. They’re all conscientious, hard working, wanting to do a great job, working towards KPIs and targets etc, etc, and yet choosing to do things that they know are not helping them.


And the thing they’re doing? Not eating breakfast, missing lunch and snacking instead on machine food, and then overeating in the evening. Not surprisingly it’s impacting them all in a variety of ways – less energy, affected sleep, irritable moods, poor concentration, lower self-esteem, unhappy with that aspect of who they are and what they do.

When asked about these habits they all of them had sufficient knowledge of basic nutrition to recognise that they were making poor performance choices. A couple of them had a very all or nothing approach (if I can’t eat healthily all the time – because of where I work or my travel demands – then I won’t bother).

Are there any poor habits you’re in, or poor choices you’re making, that with a little, sustained effort could make a big difference?