We often ask our clients what performance means, before we tell them how we define it. Typically performance gets confused with results and targets and measurement of end points. We often get people to think about performance from the point of view of a performance at the theatre, which people quickly see is a whole series of scenes, acts, people playing their part and the delivery of a performance one step at a time. Importantly, at the theatre, there is a script that underpins the whole performance. This script is a guideline upon which the actors have to bring their own interpretations and emphases. Personalising the script and interpreting it in the right way is a crucial thing for any performance. Even though you know what the end of your performance needs to look like, do you spend the same quality of time becoming equally intimate with your personal script that you need to bring to life to maximise the chances of delivering the result?

Performance is a combination of processes and outcomes and you need to become equally obsessed with both of those elements if you’re going to constantly grow and develop in any role you have… want to know more, then just send us an email at hello@planetk2.com.